Our History

The history of the Stucken Group dates back to 1841 when the Stucken family began their trans-Atlantic trading activities. In 1863 the firm, A. Stucken & Company was founded in Bremen, Germany and began trading in overseas Wools. Through this, the Stucken family began its long and successful venture into the international Wool and Mohair business, soon expanding their trade into Russia and Asia.

After the second world war, Rudolf Stucken rebuilt the company and in 1950 he emigrated to Port Elizabeth, South Africa with his family to establish the wool trading firm Stucken & co. In the 1960's, the South African trading company expanded its activities into commission Mohair and Wool washing and combing. Today, the Stucken group is directly involved in processing, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and knitting, making it a fully vertically integrated natural fibres processing and trading organization.

Stucken Yarns

Stucken Yarns, previously Mohair Spinners South Africa (MSSA) is a leading industrial yarn spinner offering a Stock Supported range and a Made to Order service that is supported by a mutually beneficial yarn development program. We focus on spinning predominantly natural fibres including Mohair, Wool, Silk, Alpaca and Linen and pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile spinning mills in the world.

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Our Yarns

Stucken Yarns is proud to source from reputable suppliers. Located in the Eastern Cape, our mill is situated in the world’s leading mohair producing region. The close proximity of our mill to these mohair and wool farms connects us to the importance of sustainability, not only for our customers but for the future of our industry. If you would like to learn more about our journey towards sustainability click on the link below.

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